Email Marketing

We will create a campaign strategy with content that is relevant to your target audience, based on their interests and demographics.

What We Can Do

Scheduled emails
Address book management
Evolving Changes

Components of a Successful Email Campaign

In order to create a successful campaign we take specific steps to reach our goals:

Researching and creating a plan: Create a plan to determine target audience and what their needs are. Also, come up with a release schedule and timeline.

Determine Subject Lines: Subject lines are what draw potential customers in, keep them short and informative as to not confuse customers.

Create segments of your audience: Segmenting your audience allows for more specific and effect email campaigns.

Optimize for Mobile: So many people open emails on their phone so it is essential to optimize them so they look great on mobile formats.

Craft Message Preview Text: Create informative preview text to explain more about your email.

Make Smart Decisions: Use data to drive your decisions and make changes accordingly.

Call to Actions: Call to Actions should be based on your goals and make the viewer want to learn more about the email subject.

Testing Emails: Testing is essential for improving. Keep trying new ideas, see what works and what doesn’t, you never want your campaigns to feel out of date.

Let’s Build Something Together

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