Illusion Trails

Launch Campaign

The owner/ creator of Illusion Trails – Multi-World Hiking Simulator reached out to us to help run the app launch campaign. Some of the things this included were:

  • Made changes to an existing site to help increase potential consumer base
  • Created branded social media posts announcing status updates
  • Created a direct mail postcard to announce the launch

Social Media Posts

While we did not handle the entirety of the social media posting for Illusion Trails, we made a few posts for them. We first created a post announcing the subscription link added to the website. This was then boosted to reach over 6,500 people and grew overall engagement for the page. Another post we created is a general update on the status of the app’s progress.

Website Updates

We added this subscription graphic to the current website to encourage more people to sign up for the mailing list. We also ran an ad on Facebook announcing the subscription link.

Direct Mail Marketing

This is a postcard type mailing that we developed. This will be sent out to the kickstarter backers as well as people interested in various similar things. It includes an image of the app icon as well as a QR code to download the app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Let’s Build Something Together

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