Our Team

We are here to help you! With our combined experience in website design, social media, and the Adobe Creative Suite, we love to design and create.

Jana-Lena Langhans

Founder, Print Design

Graduated from Florida State University with Bachelors degrees in International Affairs and German. Focuses on the Adobe Creative Suite.

Experience in Social Media, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML

Email me: janalena@jllmarketingdesign.com

Meghan Allbright

Website Design

Graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors Degree in Information, Communication, and Technology. Focuses on website design and development.

Experience in WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, Social Media

Email me: meghanallbright@gmail.com


Sunshine Committee

A year old and causing trouble the entire time! Tessa is a sweetheart and a firecracker and she sure knows how to keep things interesting and annoy her sister Baby.

Experience in keeping up office spirits, chewing puzzle pieces, and knocking things off counters.


Sunshine Committee

Baby is 11 years old and is a calming presence in the office. As long as she’s fed she’s a happy cat. She is very affectionate and loves to ask for pets when just out of reach.

Experience in hiding from her sister, sleeping, and cuddling.


Sunshine Committee

5 months old and has been a terror the entire time. He’s a sweetheart when calm but is very much a kitten in all aspects of the word.

Experience in sprinting around the office, chewing hair ties, and overall causing a ruckus.

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